I have two websites I manage, can I just use the same snippet on both sites?

Each website must have its own code snippet and therefore its own account.
Here's why:
1) The code snippet is essentially a bit of JS that tracks visitors who come to the site. Every single visitor, every single visit. This is what our pricing is currently based on - visitors per month. Mixing sites and traffic will make it difficult to parse out the price per account and lead to a constant back and forth of having to adjust the package.
2) Our code learns their behavior by studying several different data points which include but are not limited to: average time on site, averages pages viewed per session, click depth, scroll depth, mouse movement, traffic source. Even a rudimentary glance at google analytics would show you that these stats can differ widely from site to site. Because of this, we need to make sure the code snippet studying and applying rules based on site A;s traffic is kept separate from site B's so that the formula and algorithms are as customized as possible for the site and visitors who frequent that site.
3) Another reason is to keep data clean. By this I mean - conversion rates and engagements crossing several sites will diluted data making it hard to draw actionable conclusions from them.
4) And lastly - when setting up campaigns - we have a feature that allows you to target specific pages - we call it the include/ exclude feature. It's a powerful feature but if used incorrectly - and with the same code on several sites - you could potentially (and easily) show the wrong offers on the wrong site - which leads to confusion, brand inconsistency and general frustration. This has happened, several times before, which is why we no longer allow the same snippet to be used across more than one site.
If you would like to manage several websites and accounts - check out our Agency Dashboard features and contact us to help you get started.
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