Google Analytics

In order to get the most value out of 40Nuggets on your site, it's best to track your visitors' behavior and create Segments and Campaigns strategically based on data. 

If you are not using any software to track visitor behavior on your site, the 40Nuggets algorithm will do it for you, once your code is on your site - but it may take a while to collect significant data, depending on your traffic volume.

To get faster Insights about your traffic, you can hook up your Google Analytics account directly to 40Nuggets, so that we can make suggestions based on data that has already been collected:

Or, you can access the integration from the My Account page:

  1. Choose Integrations from the menu on the left.
  2. Choose Google Analytics, and click Connect. This will take you to a page prompting you to give permission for 40Nuggets to access your Google Analytics account.
  3. Click Allow. This will open up a window in your 40Nuggets Dashboard asking you to choose a Google Analytics view.
  4. Select a view from the drop-down menu (options are in the format Account/Property/View).

You can change your view selection at any time from your My Account page. Note that this can ONLY be done by entering My Account, and not directly from the Segments tab.

You are now connected to Google Analytics.


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