Viewing and Exporting Reports

The Reports section of your Dashboard presents the performance data of your Campaigns. In the Reports section, you will see information about engagements, conversions, and conversion value. 

You can view conversion reports per Campaign or per Nugget. Viewing per Nugget is a good way to track the performance of any A/B tests you have set up. 

Choose a date range for the reports you wish to see by clicking the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner. Choose the dates you wish to see, and click Apply.

You can view the data by day, week, or month.

You can sort the data by value, conversions, or engagements. 

You can also export a copy of the reports by clicking the Export CSV button. Note that the file will reflect any filters you have applied (date range, search terms, etc.) 

You can search for specific Nuggets or Campaigns in the search box. The search function is universal, and will display results containing any word that you search - you do not need to match titles exactly. 

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