How Does Pricing Work?

Opening an account with 40Nuggets is completely free, and stays free until you hit a traffic cap of 30 conversions. The core plans are priced on a sliding scale, determined by your site's traffic volume - we price according to monthly unique visitors. In addition to the base price, we offer Premium Services, which include account management, design support, and analytics consultations.

We also offer Enterprise plans with unlimited traffic and dedicated design and conversion consultations. To hear more about the Enterprise Plans, please contact our Customer Success team: 

The Agencies Partner Program is a unique revenue sharing opportunity, with specialized support and business opportunities. Read more here to find out how you can qualify for this program. 

To determine which plan is right for you, visit our Pricing page, and use the sliding ruler at the top of the page to select your traffic volume. This will highlight the best plan for you. 
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