40Nuggets App for Weebly

Downloading the 40Nuggets App for your Weebly site is an excellent way to maximize your site's traffic and boost your conversion rates. 

When you download the 40Nuggets App for Weebly, a tracking code snippet is automatically inserted directly on your site - similar to Google Analytics. The code runs asynchronously, which means that it will never affect load time or slow down your site. The code is what enables 40Nuggets to track your visitors' behavior and target them intelligently.

**Note: If you have already manually placed the 40Nuggets code snippet on your Weebly site, please remove the code BEFORE downloading the 40Nuggets for Weebly App. 

To download 40Nuggets App for Weebly:

  1. In your Weebly dashboard, enter the Site Editor.
  2. Under APPS, Click APP CENTER.

  3. Find the 40Nuggets App in the Marketing section of the App Store. 
  4. Click Add. This will open a dialogue box requesting permission to connect your Weebly site with 40Nuggets.

  5. Click Connect. You will be redirected to your 40Nuggets Dashboard, where you can get started creating a Nugget and building a Campaign.

  6. Navigate back to your Weebly dashboard and click PUBLISH. 
    **NOTE: the 40Nuggets code WILL NOT be added to your site if you do not Publish!!
  7. In future sessions, you can access your 40Nuggets Dashboard inside the Weebly Site Editor by clicking APPS --> MY APPS --> MANAGE.

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