Traffic Source: Target by UTM

UTM parameters are tags you add to a URL that enable you to track clicks as well as a website visitor's referral source. 40Nuggets can also use these UTM parameters to either target or ignore certain visitors based on what links they are coming into your site from. Learn more using Google URL Builder to create links with UTM parameters. 

**Nota Bene: Targeting by traffic source is persistent during the browsing session only. 

To target by UTM:

  1. In the sidebar menu on the right, open the Segments tab.
  2. Click Add Segment in the upper right hand corner, or click Edit to modify an existing one. 
  3. This will open a window with all of the different Segment options. 
  4. Choose Traffic Source from the menu on the left.
  5. Select Custom Traffic Source. This will open a list of custom traffic sources.
  6. Select Target by UTM.
  7. Enter the values for Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name. 
  8. Name your Segment something that will remind you of its function, and click Save.


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