How to Use the Agency Dashboard

If you are a digital marketing agency, your Dashboard will look slightly different than that of a regular customer.

There are 4 special features in the Agency Dashboard:

  1. Client Drop-down Menu

    Toggle between client accounts quickly and easily from within one Dashboard. No need to open multiple tabs or spend time signing in and out of accounts. This also minimizes the risk of mistakes.

  2. Add Your Own Clients
    To add a new client, simply choose Add New Client from the Client Drop-down Menu. This will open a form where you will need to input the client's name and URL. 


  3. Create Client Profiles
    When you add a new client account, you can choose to create a personal profile for them, with limited permissions. This will allow access to their Dashboard, analytics, and billing information - without seeing other clients' information. Simply click Create a new Profile for this client, 
    and enter the client's email address and create a password for them. 
  4. Agency Management Page

    This page provides an overview of account related information for Agency clients that are currently running 40Nuggets on their site, including billing information and traffic use. When an Agency client reaches their limit for free use, the Agency will receive an email notification prompting them to choose a paid plan for that client. 

    The Agency Management page also provides information about the Agency revenue share. Note that the information displayed is there to help you track the revenue share that will go into effect once you onboard your 15th paying client.

    To access this page, click on your profile name in the top right corner of your Dashboard, and select Agency Management from the drop-down menu: 


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