Why won't my "Just Before You Leave" Nugget appear on Mobile?

I've created a Nugget and timed it to appear on attempt to exit, and paired it with a Segment that's only for Mobile users. Why won't my Nugget appear?

To answer this question, let's think for a moment about how exit intent technology works. When you visit a website from a computer, your mouse movements are tracked, which can help predict your behavior on that site. The website is essentially a grid, and when your mouse moves past a certain coordinate, the behavior-tracking algorithm interprets this as an attempt to leave the site. This will trigger a Nugget that is set to appear upon attempt to exit. 

On a mobile device, there is no mouse; there is no movement to detect. You exit the screen by clicking the Back or Home button, depending on your device. So there is no way to predict intent to exit. Therefore, an exit-intent timed Nugget won't appear. If you have a Campaign that's targeting only Mobile visitors, we suggest you let the 40Nuggets brain optimize the timing for you, rather than setting it to appear upon attempt to exit. 

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