What are my options for choosing a Nugget?

There are 3 options for choosing which Nugget to use in your Campaign, each one with varying options and levels of customization:

Grab One Off the Shelf 
The quickest, most hands-off option is to choose from one of our many themed templates. You can choose the size, shape, and color scheme of your Nugget, and, of course, the text it will contain. You'll want to keep the text short, direct, and action-oriented. We recommend A/B testing different elements of your design and text to see which styles and words combine to maximize conversions. 

Code Your Own Nugget
If you are (or have on your team) a tech savvy webmaster, marketer, or agency, this feature is for you. It gives you hands on control of the design and functionality of your Nuggets,while still benefiting from 40Nuggets' targeting tools and built-in intelligence. Read more about how to code your own custom Nugget.

Upload Your Own Custom Design
This feature affords you maximum customization with minimum effort. Upload any JPG or PNG image, and make it a functioning Nugget right inside your Dashboard with just a few quick clicks - no coding required. Read about how to upload your own custom design, and check out these pro tips to make sure you've got all your bases covered.

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