Nuggets: Assigning and Tracking Conversion Value

Assigning a dollar value to each Nugget allows you to determine and track the monetary value of each conversion on your site. Different conversions may be worth different values, i.e. a conversion on a Nugget prompting a purchase may be worth more than a "Join Our Newsletter" conversion. This feature will help you assess and track your ROI more accurately. 

You can assign monetary values to your conversions when setting up Nuggets to get detailed revenue information in your reports and inside your Dashboard. Reviewing your total number of conversions and the value of these conversions can help you decide if you should increase your budget or make changes to your Segments to target higher value visitors. This Google article on how to estimate conversion value is a useful reference to get you started. 

Even if you're not entirely sure how to determine the value of a lead, you can estimate it within a certain range. If there are factors (such as word of mouth, for instance) that are not easy to quantify, giving a conservative estimate is still more helpful than not assigning a value at all. 

To assign value to your Nugget, simply create a new Nugget, or edit an existing one. 

In the Connect step, you can use the Nugget Value Calculator to help you determine the value of each conversion. Input a value, and click Next. 

You can now track the value of your conversions in the Reports section of your Dashboard. Check out this video to learn more:

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