Nuggets: Redirect Upon Conversion

The redirect upon conversion feature allows you to drive visitors to a specific page on your site. Whether it's a whitepaper, case study, list of sale products, or just a thank-you page, after a visitor converts (clicks on the submission button of your Nugget) then can be taken to whatever URL you like.

To set your Nugget to redirect upon conversion: 

  1. In the Nuggets section of your Dashboard, create a new Nugget or edit an existing one.  
  2. In the menu on the left, select Button. In the Redirect field, paste in the URL of the page to which you'd like to redirect.
    *Note that the default option is for the Nugget to disappear upon conversion. Redirection will only take place if a URL is entered in the Redirect field.
  3. Name your Nugget something that will remind you of its function, then toggle through to save your changes. 


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