Nuggets: Add a Custom Input Field to Your Nugget

You can add custom fields to your Nuggets to collect specific information that you may need from your visitors. 

Learn how to add custom fields in this video:

Some important information on labeling your fields:

Label the internal variable with the type of information you are collecting. This will enable you to see the type of information collected in reports and in your notification emails.

This is important for 2 reasons:

A) It helps you determine whether data is accurate and what should be done with it.

B) It keeps your integrations with CRMs and ESPs working optimally. Certain programs, like MailChimp, have very specific requirements for labeling information that gets passed along. 

When adding a custom field, it should be labeled to precisely match the variables that MailChimp uses. For example, if you want a site visitors entire name to get pulled through into your MailChimp account, you need to use the exact format that MailChimp expects to receive information in - so 'fname' for first name and 'lname' for last name, or MailChimp's custom tags.

Also note, variables like address and phone number have very precise formats that MailChimp expects to receive data in and should be added and followed accordingly. Here is a MailChimp article about getting started with Merge Tags to help you figure out how to set up MailChimp correctly when adding fields.

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