Behavior: Visitor Type

Targeting Segments by visitor type allows you to tailor your engagement strategy based on whether or not a visitor has been to your site (new, returning, or loyal visitors). For instance, you may choose to offer special promotions only to loyal visitors, or prompt new visitors to sign up for email updates. Relating differently to different types of visitors is important and can help to maximize conversions.

To target your segment by type of visitor:

  1. In the sidebar menu on the right, open the Segments tab.

  2. Click Add Segment in the upper right hand corner, or click Edit to modify an existing one. 

  3. This will open a window with all of the different Segment options. 

  4. Choose Behavior from the menu on the left. This will open all the behaviorally driven Segments. 
  5. Choose which types of visitors you would like to target in this segment by selecting: new, returning, or loyal visitors.

    New Visitors: a first time visitor
    Returning Visitor: a visitor who has been to your site at least one other time
    Loyal Visitor: a visitor who has been to your site at least 5 times

  6. Remember to name your segment something that will help you remember who you are targeting, then click Save.
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