Campaigns: Setting Up Timing

The timing of a Nugget's appearance on the screen is just as important as its content for optimizing conversions.

Setting up the timing of your Nuggets takes place inside of the Campaign Builder. When you select a Nugget you want to show to your Segment, you control the timing from the options menu on the left hand side.

We have a powerful algorithm that has timing down to a science. In our experience, you'll get the best results when you leave the heavy lifting to us. But if you want to control the timing, here are your options:

1. 40Nuggets Optimization

40Nuggets Optimization timing uses a complex algorithm based on user behavior. The 40N brain presents Nuggets to visitors who display behavior that indicates they are likely to convert. The more conversions you get, the more accurate this algorithm becomes. We are constantly running timing experiments per user to balance between when others before them have converted, and when the majority of your traffic is still on your website. This timing is different for every website and every user but it yields better results than simply using manual timing or exit- capture and is the recommended setting to begin your campaign with.

2. Upon attempt to exit

When the visitor moves his mouse to leave the screen frame or 'x' out of the window, the Nugget will appear. This timing is best used for shopping cart abandonment Nuggets, giving you one last chance to engage and prompt action.

3. Upon scrolling

When the visitors scrolls on the page, the Nugget will appear. This is a great timing feature for newsletter signups or any other offer. 

4.  Manual

You may decide to have the Nugget appear after a set amount of time on your site - for example, after 20 seconds.


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