Tracking 40Nuggets Conversions as Events with Google Tag Manager

40Nuggets automatically fires an event each time a conversion takes place on your site if you're are using Google Analytics directly. You can see these events in the "Behavior" section of Google Analytics and look at further details if you click Category: 40Nuggets -> Event Label: [Campaign Name : Nugget Name]

If you are using Google Tag Manager, you will need to set up these events manually. You can do this from inside GTM by taking the following steps.

(Please note, Google updates the Tag Manager and Analytics Dashboard frequently - we try our best to provide instructions that reflect the latest version of these software however, there may be slight discrepancies between our instructions and the steps available in the Dashboard)

  1. Open Google Tag Manager
  2. Add a new Tag
  3. Name your tag: 40Nuggets event
  4. Select Google Analytics as your product
  5. Set Tag Type to: Universal Analytics
  6. In the Configure Your Tag section, paste your Google Analytics tracking ID. This can be found in Google Analytics:
    Admin tab -> Property column -> Property settings

  7. Change Track Type to: Event
  8. Set Category to: 40Nuggets

To set an Action:

  1. Click "+" icon and select New Variable
  2. Set Variable Name to: 40Nuggets Action
  3. Set Variable Type to: Data Layer Variable
  4. Set Variable Name to: fnAction
  5. Click Create Variable

To set a Label: 

  1. Click "+" icon and select New Variable... 
  2. Set Variable Name to: 40Nuggets Label
  3. Set Variable Type to: Data Layer Variable
  4. Set Variable Name to: fnLabel 
  5. Click Create Variable

To proceed to firing, click Continue.

  1. From the trigger types, Select "More"
  2. Add new trigger
  3. Name trigger: 40Nuggets Event
  4. Choose event type: Custom Event
  5. Fire On: Event Name -> 40Nuggets
  6. Click Create Filter

Save the tag and Publish.


For more information, see this Google Support Article.


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