Campaigns: Prioritizing Your Campaigns

When you create Campaigns, you may set up the timing so they appear only for certain types of visitors at specific times. However, if you are running more than one Campaign, some of your visitors will be eligible to see multiple Campaigns. In this case, you'll want to prioritize your list so that 40Nuggets can determine which Campaign to show first to which types of visitors. 

You can access campaign prioritization by clicking the Campaign Priority button on the Campaign page:

We offer 3 options for prioritization, which are accessible from the toggle at the top of the campaign priority page as seen below:


Here's what the three settings mean:

1) Auto

If a site visitor is eligible to see more than one of your Campaigns, this option enables 40Nuggets to determine which Campaign to present. Our algorithm will determine which Campaign an individual site visitor is most likely to convert on.

2) Highest Converting

This option tells the 40Nuggets brain to show the Campaign with the highest conversion rate to your site visitors. Your best performing Campaign may change from day to day, or week to week, and this option will ensure that the highest performing Campaign will appear.

 3) Manual Prioritization

If a site visitor is eligible to see more than one of your Campaigns, this option shows the Campaigns in the order you have them set up in your Campaign list. You can always drag and drop the Campaigns inside the list to reflect your priorities.


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