Zapier is a software that allows you to connect the apps you use, automate tasks, and get more out of your data. This is accomplished via Zaps.

Zaps are automations created using Triggers and Actions. You can use Zaps to connect any two Zapier-supported apps to each other.

To connect 40Nuggets to Zapier:

  1. Make sure you have your 40Nuggets login information and Account ID on hand.
    **To locate your Account ID: Click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner of your Dashboard, and select MY ACCOUNT from the drop down menu. The Account ID is at the top of your MY ACCOUNT page: 

  2. Log into Zapier, and choose which action you would like 40Nuggets to take when a Zap is triggered (for example, "Add Subscriber").
  3. Follow the steps inside Zapier to complete set-up for the Zap. 
  4. Configure the integration for every individual Nugget that you would like to send information via Zapier. 
  5. Make sure to save your Nugget after configuring the integration (and give it a name, if you haven't already).

**Please note, the 40Nuggets Zapier integration is currently in Preview mode which means you must use this invitation link to set up a zap with 40Nuggets.**

Watch this video for more information:


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