I already have a 40Nuggets Account but I want to use the 40N WordPress Plugin. How Can I sync the two?

So you opened a 40Nuggets account before you realized we also had a cool WP plugin?
No problem.
All you need to do is attach your 40Nuggets account to your WP account and life will be smooth as ever.
1. Inside your WP dashboard go to the 40Nuggets Tab; if you don't have 40Nuggets WP plugin installed yet, you can find us in the general directory:
2. Hover over the 40Nuggets icon and select 'Switch Account'
3. Enter the user-name and password for your original account - this is the email and password you used to create your 40Nuggets account on our website -  and then hit ATTACH.
 or... you can manually add your account ID
Now you will be able to see and access your 40Nuggets account from right inside your WP. Voila!
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