Why can't I see the Nugget on my website?

If you have gone into your 40Nuggets Dashboard and created a new Nugget and then you try to test it on your site but it does not appear - don't panic.

There are a number of reasons this could occur:

1) Check Your Segment

Pay special attention to the segment you've built and want to test. Go through all the sections and rules and make sure they are set up how you want them to be. For example:

  • Check your geo targeting (you won't be able to test the Nugget if you have it set to appear only for visitors in Albania but you are currently in the United States)
  • Check your device settings (are you trying to check a mobile only Nugget from your desktop?)
  • Check your timing (if you allow 40Nuggets to determine your timing, you may not see the Nugget until 12, 20, 33, or even 60 seconds after you've viewed a specific page - keep in mind these settings are individualized, dynamic, and based on user behavior)

2) Check Your Eligibility

40Nuggets' unique behavioral learning technology is based on a variety of individualized factors that takes into account user behavior and all sorts of rules and segmentation you may have set up, or that our computer thinks should be in place. For example, 40Nuggets offers rules that limit how many times a visitor on your site will be presented with a Nugget so that you don't bug them. If you have already seen the Nugget this week from your computer, and your settings limit the Nugget to showing no more than once a week, you aren't going to be able to see it unless you try to use an incognito browser, new computer, or different IP address.

3) You Cannot Test a Nugget from Inside Your Dashboard

Keep in mind,  you can't test from within the dashboard - inside the Nugget builder, we show you a preview only. This is for you to view the design and layout so you know how it will appear on your site. You cannot test or perform a conversion from this view.

4) Always Check the Reports tab to See if Things Make Sense

The Reports page will show you all the Campaigns you currently have running in addition to some basic stats. Scroll to the bottom of the reports page and keep an eye out for the last time a particular Nugget was shown. If it was shown earlier in the day, the week, or even 3 minutes ago - chances are that campaign and Nuggets are working just fine and for any of the aforementioned reasons, you cannot test it. But this doesn't mean it's not working. 

Also note that if you have multiple variants which you are or were A/B testing - these will be listed as part of the total conversions stats for that particular Nugget. Meaning, if you had a Nugget with two variants which you ran for a few weeks and then paused or deleted the variant which you no longer wished to test, it will still be listed in the total conversions stats; if you expand and examine the individual variants you will see the last time a variant was presented as well as which has been deleted (a trash icon will appear next to a variant that has been deleted).

** Make sure you go through all your SEGMENT and CAMPAIGN settings and examine the REPORTS page first and foremost. And as always, if after that you feel like you need some extra help, feel free to reach out to us at support@40nuggets.com and we'll be happy to explain or address any questions you may have**


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