Deduction, Data, and Digital Communications: An Interview With Scott Monty (and some thoughts on Sherlock Holmes)


Digital communications and brand management have become some of the most important factors in a company’s success and growth with the advent of the internet and certainly now with the permeation of social media as an engagement and customer service tool. Some companies have managed this better than others; we can look to brands to like Coca – Cola, Apple, and Samsung among others to see what they do but the real magic happens behind the scenes, and is driven by powerful personalities with a strong commitment to data.

One such personality, Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications for Ford Motor Company has set the bar high in this arena and made a name for himself as a gutsy visionary with an eye for the future and a keen sense of the changing landscape for business, technology, and marketing.

I was able to interview Scott this week to get his perspective on social media and how it can and should be used as a tool for customer engagement and service online. Scott also shared his thoughts on trends and lessons for 2014, the importance of using data in addition to deduction in decision making, as well as a little insight into the possible buying preferences of the ultimate deducer, mastermind and detective, Sherlock Holmes.

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