MailChimp (Nerd Tech Version)

*NOTE: mailchimp_logoThis article contains very technical information, and may not be suited to laymen. If you are looking for a basic tutorial on how to connect your 40Nuggets and Mailchimp accounts, here's all you need to know. And here's a basic article about API keys.                                     


Integrating MailChimp with your 40Nuggets account using a unique MailChimp API Key:

  1. Open up two windows: your 40Nuggets Dashboard and your MailChimp account. This will make toggling back and forth a lot easier.
  2. To Find/create a new MailChimp API in your MailChimp Dashboard: Click your Name in the left hand navigation bar under the picture of the monkey --> go to Account Settings. Then click--> Extras --> API Keys (Here you can either create a new API key, which is recommended if you use MailChimp to integrate with multiple software, or if you have already created one, you can click and copy the API key you already have sitting there).
  3. Go back to your 40Nuggets Dashboard, click on Account settings in upper right hand corner, scroll down and insert the API key into the field that says: "MailChimp API Key" --> Save Changes.

  4. Upon Editing/ Creating a new Nugget you need to make sure that: 

    The fields you are adding/editing inside the Nugget precisely match the variables that MailChimp uses. For example, if you want a site visitors entire name to get pulled through into your MailChimp account (maybe you're sending out personalized emails that are addressed to specific person), you need to use the exact format that MailChimp expects to receive information in - so 'fname' for first name and 'lname' for last name or MailChimp's custom tags. Also note, variables like address and phone number have very precise formats that MailChimp expects to receive data in and should be added and followed accordingly. Here is a MailChimp article about getting started with Merge Tags to help you figure out how to set up MailChimp correctly when adding fields.

    Nota Bene
    : The default settings that 40Nuggets provides for variables when adding new fields is not always the same format that MailChimp uses. It is recommended that you enter MailChimp and set up your variable formatting before you launch the Nugget that you would like to integrate with MailChimp - this way you begin to receive data from completed Nuggets immediately from the start and in the correct format.

  5. Lastly, choose the list within MailChimp where you would like your leads to go. You will do this in the Configure step of Nugget creation.  

  6. Toggle through to the end of the Nugget creation process, and click Save; you can choose to create a Campaign with your Nugget now, or save it for Later. 
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