40Nuggets has always strived to put the user experience front and center so that you get the subscribers and leads you want, and your website visitors get a website experience that is respectful and valuable.

Recently, Google has implemented new guidelines for mobile engagement and interstitial display which closely aligns with our own philosophy. This means they will now lower the rank of mobile websites which do not comply with best practices for popup displays on mobile devices. You can read more about these standards and guidelines here.

At 40Nuggets, we have modified the Nuggets edit/ creation process so that you can easily edit/ create Nuggets to make them Google compliant and continue to convert your website visitors. We have also blocked your Nuggets from appearing on mobile devices until you go into your account and modify your Nuggets. You may choose not to this, however Google may ding your website (lower your ranking) as a result - so we highly recommend you do!

In order to edit existing Nuggets which you intend to show to visitors on mobile devices, you will need to take the following steps to add a notification bar onto your Nugget.

1) Enter your Dashboard and go to your NUGGETS

2) Click into the Nugget you intend to show on mobile devices, hit NEXT in the lower right hand corner until you reach the CONFIGURE step.

3) Switch the Google Compliant setting to the ON position.

4) Follow the instructions to create your new step 1 - the notifications bar which will appear on screen for mobile visitors before they see your full screen Nugget - which is now step 2 of mobile engagement.


5) Once you have created your notification bar, click on the NEXT button in the lower right hand corner to proceed to the CONFIRM step.

6) Review your settings and hit SAVE.


And now your Nugget is google compliant!

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